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Throwback photos of Buhari's first daughter who died of sickle cell anemia in 2012.

Losing a child is one of those unbearable things in life and when it is now a favorite, it cuts way deeper. She was President Muhammadu Buhari's daughter first daughter but it was a very sad event in 2012.

This lady is a daughter from his first marriage to Safinatu but the event that took place on Friday 30th of November 2012 is one that wi never be forgotten by Muhammadu Buhari and his family.

This is an event that parents never forget quickly, that is even if they will forget at all. This kind of events are the ones that many people tag the worst days of their lives because no parent takes pleasure in the loss of a child. Even if the child is wayward, the natural love for your own child and blood wouldn't make you wish the child death but support till they change for the better. What is acceptable is that parents live old and are buried by their children and not the other way round. In short, in some cultures, if a child dies, the parent isn't allowed to see or know the burial site and it is also a prayer point that we will be we know the burial spot of our children.

Her name was Zuliaha and she was popularly called Magajiya which is the name of Buhari's mother. She was known as Buhari's favorite and was often called yaaya baba which means daddy's girl. She was said to be the typical obedient child, noble and sweetheart of a person, she also had humanity at heart. These were some of the compliments after her shocking death.

She was also said to be the pride of her family, the most obedient daughter, the most caring mother any child could wish for, a devoted wife, a faithful friend and a priceless asset to her community. Now, just imagine how much of a loss that would have been to her family and community.

She was born in 1972 and died in 2012 at the age of 40 to complications from Sickle cell anemia! Only those closest to her knew of her battle with sickle –cell anemia, a condition that she lived with bravery for she never succumbed to it until it so cruelly snatched her away.

She was survived by her husband who is Captain Junaid Abdullahi, she left three wonderful children, Halima Junaid, Muhammad Buhari Junaid who was a new born at the time.

May her soul continue to rest in the bossom of the almighty and may we never mourn over our children by God's grace.

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Buhari Magajiya Safinatu Zuliaha


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