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What Part Of Fish Do You Like Most?

Fish are aquatic animals that does not have limbs with digits they are filled with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acid that is really good for the body. Not only that they are good in those stated above they are also a great source of minerals and calcium.

It is medical advisable that one consume fish at least two times a week because it is part of healthy diet, it may also lower the risk of heart attacks and failure.

Shawa, Kote, Titus, Panla, Catfish, Express fish, and so many. Thou everyone have the one they like and the one they dislike.

When a fish is purchased the seller will like to help you, do the killing if it is still alive, and if it is frozen they they will also like to help you, do the cutting. Then when cooked there is the part of fish you like most. Some people said they love to eat the head will others pick the remaining.

Here is a post asking people which of the fish part they like most.

Which part do you prefer it like the most when served let me view your opinion in the comment section below thanks for coming.

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Kote Panla Titus


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