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2 Medical Conditions That Can Make A Person Suddenly Slumps And Dies, And Foods To Avoid

Seeing someone one day and hearing the next day that the person has passed on is one of the most heart-wrenching things that could happen. Such deaths are usually more impactful when the person appears hail and hearty, with no warning signs or symptoms of any ailment. Unfortunately, such deaths have, in recent times, become so common in Nigeria where one might just hear that a supposedly healthy person slumped and all efforts to revive them proved abortive.

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So, what causes such sudden deaths? Many factors are often responsible and sometimes in many of such deaths, silent killer diseases that do not show warning signs until their very late stages are involved. However, medical experts believe that many cases of sudden death often involve the heart and brain. This article aims to examine two (2) medical issues that make some people suddenly slump and due, leaving their families and friends shocked.

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The two issues are examined below:

1. Sudden cardiac arrest

The human heart acts as an electrical pump whose pumping action is facilitated by a sort of electrical spark produced as the muscle cells contract at once to produce a heartbeat, thus pumping blood through the valves into all the organs of the body. This mechanism, however, can break down when the electrical system of the heart is irritated, thus failing to produce activities that cause the heart to beat. The heart muscle would be unable to supply blood to the body, especially the brain, leading to death.

Common causes of sudden cardiac arrest include heart diseases such as blood clots, inflammation of the heart muscle, cardiomyopathy, narrowing of the aortic valve, etc. In most of the causes of sudden cardiac arrest, diet plays a crucial role and it may be good to watch your intake of certain foods that can negatively affect your heart.

Such foods include sugary and salty foods, red meat, bacon, processed meats, soda, baked goods, white rice, pasta, bread, pizza, and alcohol.

2. Stroke

Stroke is another potential cause of sudden death in humans. It occurs when the blood supply inside the brain becomes disrupted, thus leading to the death of brain cells. The death of brain cells is particularly dangerous and could lead to sudden death if the part of the brain that is affected is the part that controls the body's automatic life support systems such as breathing and heartbeat. In most severe cases of stroke, the affected person may be in a state of coma which may show that the stroke is severe enough that the person may not survive.

Some of the major known causes of stroke include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity. Diet also plays a crucial role in stroke attacks and it may be good to limit your consumption of certain foods that may contribute to stroke attack. A few examples of such foods include salty foods, highly saturated fats, foods high in trans fats, high-cholesterol foods, alcohol, etc.

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