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All Countries Should Start Preparing For The Next Pandemic Coming Up in Future — WHO DG

The Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, has stressed the significance of countries being prepared for future pandemics during the ongoing 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Dr. Tedros stressed that even if the current state of emergency brought on by COVID-19 were to stop, the harm it poses as a global health hazard would remain. He cautioned that even now, new variations could emerge, causing new waves of sickness and deaths. The possibility of even another infection with even more severe effects also remains a major worry. An effective framework for health emergency preparedness and response should include all forms of emergencies in a society experiencing many crises that intertwine and intersect.

This year's assembly presents a critical opportunity for world leaders to together identify a clear roadmap towards resolving these problems at the High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Preparedness and Response.

Dr. Tedros emphasised the need of not putting off adjustments till later. Instead of waiting for the next epidemic to strike, it is critical that leaders step up and take the necessary actions now. In the face of future health catastrophes, the international community must be ready to respond swiftly, cooperatively, and fairly.

Dr. Tedros urged nations to accept their role in protecting public health around the world by stressing the importance of being well-prepared at all times.

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