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If you have one of these signs then you have been bewitched

Bewitchment is a nice, albeit a bit dramatic, the all-purpose term for any kind of spell cast on another person, especially without their knowledge. Most people worry about curses only, but for whatever purpose, enchantment can happen — to bring that target love, money, success, peace, healing ... anything the caster feels they need. It is sometimes in your favor, often not. Today we're going to talk about the spells you 'd like to rebel against — the love spell that horrible guy down the block wants to put on you; the job that your mother-in-law thinks you deserve, even if you don't want it; they move you 're desperate to make but your friend will do anything to prevent it.

Over the years, I have seen many individuals, families, and homes destroyed and devastated by evil negative vibrations coming from the black magic or bad muthi used against them by their enemies, most likely someone they know. In these modern times, it's not exactly socially acceptable to speak openly about these dark things, most would be shunned.

By the time an individual discovers that he or she has been hexed, in some part of their lives the individual would already have suffered loss, pain, and suffering. This negative force will act like a virus and systematically bruise the victim's life slowly but surely. This delay in noticing that your life is wrong is what causes the roots of this darkness to grow and reach every corner of one's life. So I intend to share with you 7 key signs with this concern that point to you or your home being hexed or cursed. Know that there are many symptoms, but I feel that these symptoms are so subtle that they can be easily brushed as a bad thought or ignored

Disturbance in sleep

One of the most common indicators of an evil force in or connected to you in your home is lack of sleep. One's sleep is light and can be awoken quickly. This overtime adds stress to the victim which keeps him or her irritable and irritated. The more often the children wet the bed with more violent nightmares. It is one of the dark methods of preventing one in any form from being happy or optimistic. Worse case situations being violently assaulted, chocked, or molested in your bed with a dark man. Key signs to note are this lack of sleep coupled with random vivid nightmares.

Home becomes unbearable

If you are living with your family or others, or even with your pets. The darkness will touch upon all things. Such evil spirits intend to create disharmony and conflict in the home and among the people who live there. Small arguments and bickering between spouses and family members are getting regular and tempers are escalating rapidly. The home itself feels like it's too much and being away from home feels much healthier and more believable. An argument that may also be pointed out by those who no longer come to visit.

Things break or go missing

Yes in life, nothing lasts forever and things break but when all the essential begins to break, then you should start wondering. Simple stuff goes missing. The keys to your house, the car keys, even your favorite t-shirt, are gone. Such artifacts often reappear and are found in odd locations when they do. Automobiles, cell phones, home appliances, and other devices are beginning to go haywire and when it fails nobody knows how to repair it because if you do repair it you may find that you don't have the resources to fix it and then the damaged items would start piling up and your life may find itself moving backward.

Money, luck and attraction disappears.

Our money matters are a sign we should be quick to notice. Simply the flow of money slows down and more money dries up all opportunities for better work. Money lasting, luck with money just stops and ultimately this lack will be felt in the home. The worse scenario is unexpected work loss, home, and family loss. Simply put, when one has nothing left to say, friendship ends.

Strange sounds become more frequent.

We all know the roof cracking on a very windy night or door that swings with the slightest breeze but it is very unnerving when it comes to this. Knocks with none at the front door. One 's name when you're in the bath is called out from the other side of the house but no one is home. Walking down the passageway, Footsteps heard that but everyone is asleep. Those sounds can grow over time.

Cold Spots

Cold spots can be located in at least one space inside the home in some instances. It's going to be one room for even your pets to avoid. The draft out of that room or place will always give you the chills on the hottest days. These spots are like the darkness epicenter, which has invaded one 's house. A place to concentrate on when you want to clean up and refresh the energy inside your house.

A Sudden Adoption OF Bad Habits

This can happen with the person hexed, or with someone living inside the home. A sudden indulgence in drugs and alcohol abuse also happens to cause further change in the life and personality of the individual, weakening him further.

The evil desires to isolate individuals within their thoughts so they can choose to be alone. They slowly invade your mind while alone making you believe there is no hope. This is what they want. Playing off the anxiety and insecurity it plays on and excites the intended victim's mind. When no hope remains, so no trust exists. If no trust exists then the person has a will they can rule with. Just choose the sun.

Do not take it too lightly if any of you notice these signs in your life. Keep in mind that it's never going to be just one of those signs, but a few at a time, experienced by one or many or just a few households.Speak to your pastor, imam, sheik, sangoma, or your favorite local spiritualist and healer to get the help you might need. Just seek support from others who remind you of Jesus, or get you back to Him.


Content created and supplied by: Blessingfrydey (via Opera News )


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