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You can't have these 5 attributes and remain unsuccessful, it's impossible

Success means different things to different people. For instance, certain people perceive it as wealth, others excellence or peak of one's career, while it can also be considered as fame. The most important thing to note is that, everyone aspires to become successful one day; failure is unpleasant to humans mental health.

People who became successful today have paid a price and also made sacrifices, which finally paid off. The difference between them and Failures is the ability to withstand pressures that stands on their way and to take the 'bull' by the born. Succeeding in life is not a day's job, it requires certain attributes and characteristics and which enable people focus on their goals and not setbacks.

These five attributes are common to people who became excellent, famous and successful in their chosen careers.

1. Passion - there is a difference between doing something one loves and engaging in something because there is no other option. When there is passion for a job or career, money will not be the motivation. A surgeon who loves his job will perceive saving lives as a source of pleasure, not a task. Successful people enjoy what they do, even if they don't get paid for it. This is their most important characteristic.

2. Patience - the ability to persevere is common to people who succeeded in their life endeavors. They believe 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and it takes time and effort to arrive at a given destination. Quitting is never in their 'To-do list' and failure is a step towards success.

3. Discipline - they maintain self-control everywhere they find themselves. A successful person knows when to wake from sleep, has a plan for all his activities and would not involve in things that are unproductive. They have the time for fun, but it won't be when there is work to do. 

4. Diligence - successful people work hard, they don't joke with time. Long-term effort and perseverance sets them apart from the ordinary man and also makes them relevant in their chosen fields. Hard work pays, laziness doesn't.

5. Motivation - there is a drive behind their actions, they need to achieve some goals. Most times, it's not about monetary gains, there is more to it. To some of them, it might be fame and to others, it might be to save the World. Whichever the motive might be, it keeps them going.

Although, there are still some attributes common to people who have succeded, these are the most common five.

Thanks for reading.

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