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Pregnancy period

Factors Affecting Sleep In Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are required to have enough rest, if they follow this steps above they will sleep well and look healthy. Even after birth.

Likewise the unborn baby.

Insomnia is a very common illness linked to pregnancy but it should not be left untreated for long. Chronic insomnia during pregnancy tends to cause depression in to be mothers. So, there are a number of safe sleeping pills available in the market if you are thinking to go for a medicinal alternative.

Factors Affecting Sleep in Pregnant Women

There are many factors that affect sleep patterns in pregnant women. These factors can be easily eliminated when caught early on in their inception.

The main factors are:

1. Anxiety

2. Congested feelings

3. Alcohol usage

4. Uncomfortable position

5. Drinking excess water before sleep

6. Uncomfortable nightwear.

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