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Ways to Improve Your Fitness Level While At Work

The idea of hitting the gym after a stressful day at work usually sounds discouraging to many however, worry less there are many simple workouts you can do while at work that won't appear weird and will help improve your fitness levels and fitness certainly getting you off the work load. Here are few ways to help maintain your fitness level;

1.Use the stairs instead: Do not use elevators instead use the stair for health sake. Climbing the stairs helps to keep the heart rate to maintain normal range, and also improving lower limbs muscular and bone strength. It is about time we pretend the elevators are not available, when one climbs up to flights of the stairs everyday it certainly decreases risk of early death by about 33%.

2.Walk around briskly: Ensure you reduce phone communication to colleagues within work environment and get up and visit their desks more, while at it walk briskly. We certainly cannot rule out the helpfulness of digital means but for health reasons it is needed to stay active, You will notice that you have gained more strength after a little walk to and back and this will help increase the speed by which you work with.

3.Do stretches regularly: While on desk, take a break for stretches encourage some simple exercises, such as abs tightening, shoulder rolls, hips rolls, tip toeing and neck flexes, don't just sit and remain dormant. Other simple exercises you such as lifting legs, extension of arms, elbow rotations and ankle rotation are helpful.

4.Pay Attention to Sitting Posture: Avoid sloppy positions while working heads should not be tilted as neck should be kept straight and back at angle 90 to chairs, avoid slouching. It is not so easy to pay attention to at times we are carried away by numerous tasks which later leave us with body aches. Support your spine by sitting upright and adjust your legs from time to time.

5.Don't miss your breaks: Make sure you go on breaks to relieve your body off stress and nourish yourself, Health is important so taking break helps body stay active and attain efficiency. Depending on manner of job the break time might be the best chance to exercise body or eat and replenish that which we have lost, so ensure to use judiciously.

Content created and supplied by: DrEnimofe (via Opera News )


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