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The Use Of Face Mask In The Office Is Wrong - Debate.

The Use Of Face Mask In The Office Is Wrong - Debate.

Each worker has a duty of care, so if they believe their staff are at risk, they themselves can enforce it as company policy, you don’t always need the government to tell you what to do, you can make the decision yourself to wear your mask if you want.

The more people wear face mask when they are near other people the better. Some workers wear them for 12 hours while working, so why can't everyone apart from those with a medical exemption wear their mask? Hopefully employers and staff should have more sense than joining the protest to do the wrong thing, otherwise there'll be more deaths and more chances of lockdowns with further economic consequences for everyone.

One of the of the protesters said “I’m maintaining social distancing in the office, I think it’s not necessary to have mask . In the office we are all healthy. Some people believe recycling of breath is more dangerous so we go about our business without wearing our mask . “Mask is more beneficial in public places. But social distanceing is much beneficial in public or private place .”

Another protest said “As a health care worker, I wear a mask every day for hours. They are uncomfortable, claustrophobic as well as hot due to breath expellation and again breathing back in. It isn't pleasant but I accept it is necessary. I hate how things are at the moment but we just need to do this and wear masks. In offices as well.”

But the truth is these, Despite the close relationship that you assume to share with your colleague at work it is possible to contact the virus from them if they are infected, so it’s best to be on the safer side by wearing your mask.

Most people are ignorant, so it is best to counsel them on the importance of wearing a face mask at work one protesters said “ Care is better than cure. But some times extra care ,causes some extra problems. Every thing average is good. I personally feel awkward to use mask even in open place, whereas in confined space it’s more difficult to use. Any how thanks for your guidance.”

A smart worker said “offices are worse for not wearing a mask than shops are. In shops over a certain size, it's very easy to socially distance yourself” And these is true because in open places like shops you can easily distance yourself compared to the office we’re you are positioned in on location over a period of time and within the interval they will be some engaging activities with other workers.

In some countries like South Africa it was announced by their Minister of Justice that not wearing a mask will result in 6 months jail time for the offender. And the place that we are expected to wear our mask includes offices, shops, schools and exercising in public, etc.

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