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How to get rid of common sleep problem.

Most people experience short term insomnia.insomnia is having trouble sleeping, having trouble getting back to sleep,and waking up too early. Temporary insomnia can be caused by:

1. Certain medication which could keep you awake, particularly those that treat cold and allergies, heart disease,pain and high blood pressure. sometimes insomnia is caused by illness that needs treatment like Asthma, restless leg synonym and depression.

2. Bad habit that sabotage our sleep including drinking alcohol and eating late at night.

3. Noise disturbance: staying in a noisy area can contribute in insomnia.

4. A stressful event like lost of job,loved one or financial needs can cause insomnia.

some tips for dealing with insomnia are;

Regular exercise, limiting activities in bed, making your sleeping environment comfortable, avoiding intake of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine in the four to six hour before bedtime. if you can't fall asleep within 20 minutes do a quiet activity somewhere else and return to bed when you are sleepy.

If consistent application of this tips doesn't work,see your health care professional and discuss your sleep problem.

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