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For how long does A woman have to wait after delivery before resuming sex with her husband.

This is a very important topic because we have heard a lot of arguments being laid outside. To worsen it all,a lot of people are saying so many things and funny enough the women are adopting these informations they hear. I now ask myself, of what use is our doctors to us when we now keep them aside and begin seeking information from any random person .

Medically it is expected that 6weeks after delivery, a lot of healing would have taken place in the woman in all the vital places that needs healing.Delivery is not a child's play and that's why a woman needs a lot of time to recover.Some of them may have sustained reasonable" tears" in their reproductive tracts from the delivery process .Even those of them without reasonable lacerations,they still need some length of time to allow that reproductive area to return to what it use to be.

Invading it prematurely or unduely by going to have sex without the woman staying for up to 6weeks after she has delivered may lead to complications like;

-severe pain

- introduction of infection, which can seed into other organs of the body or even in serious cases can affect the whole body system

- more lacerations

-bleeding from the reproductive area, the vagina mostly.

The woman and her husband should be able to exercise patience and allow at least six weeks interval from the day of delivery before resuming coitus again.

Its Pertinent for us to add that this is not a time for the man to start seeking gratification from women outside. 6 weeks of holding unto oneself will not kill,instead just one mistake of bumping into the wrong girl who has lots of infection or even a single disease can ruin your life and possibly cause death. The men especially, you can do can wait honourably without going to look outside. Besides,there are other means you and your wife can adopt to keep yourselves until the time frame is over. Such means include:kissing,caressing,and any other healthy romantic moves that doesn't involve penetration.

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