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Covic19 confession on itv

A young man who said to be covic19 patient on an interview with don general on itv 19 days ago he is now on itv tell itv news men that he as lost everything because of the covic19.

Now his landlord as told him to park from the house and he as also lost his job.

According to the statement of man he said that the government officials ask him to check if he has covic19 when he was passing through the testing center when he check them told him that he as covic19 he said to government officials that test him that he did not have any symptoms of covic19. After then they took him to isolation center. He said that in isolation center he saw guys playing gable.

his now say on itv tell news men that his a lie that he did not have covic19 that he was not given any medication.

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