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Here Is How To Cure Any Kind Of Infection Or Diseases Using Salt

There is nothing that God cannot do. He is a miracle worker. He is our creator and our heavenly.

In the Bible, God said "You are the salt of the earth and light of the world". This statement explains how salt is important to human lives.

Many powerful men of God in the Bible used salt and one them was Prophet Elijah. Prophet Elijah used salt to great effect.

Here is how to cure any kind of infection using salt

-Buy some salt

-After buying it, put some of them in your right hand.

-Begin praying to God, tell God to make the salt a healing salt, tell God to manifest His powers in the salt and tell God that anything you will use the salt for, it will be effective.

-After praying with the salt, put very little of the salt inside a bottle containing water.

-Shake the bottle very well.

-If you have any form of infection or disease, drink little of the water, declare positive prayers on yourself while drinking the water and any infection or disease tormenting you will vanish by the special intervention of God's power.

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