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Health benefits of vitamin A for the body and the foods that are rich in it.

Good day everyone today I will be sharing with you the benefits of vitamin A and foods that are rich in it.

Health benefits

- It supports the eye, hair, skin and teeth

- It helps to form the purple colour which is essential for night vision.

- It is great for immune system function such as fighting off infections, cold,malaria and flu.

- It speeds up healing time in many illness

- It is an antioxidant therefore it helps the body combat environmental pollutants

- woman use vitamin A for heavy menstrual period

- It is used to treat skin infections such as acne, eczema, cold sores, sunburn and so on


Food sources:

- Avocado (pear), Banana, Papaya (pawpaw), Garlic, Melon, Egg, Carrot, pineapple, sweet potato, green vegetables, pumpkin, fish liver oils, onions, whole wheat, tomato, liver, and yellow fruits.

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