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Drinking The Smallest Amount Of Alcohol Can Damage Your Brain

According to a new study, researchers have come to the conclusion that drinking the smallest bit of alcohol can lead to extremely poor brain health.

Researchers from the University of Oxford conducted research that studied the alcohol intake of over 25,000 people in the United Kingdom and also their brain scans.

The researchers came to note that drinking even the smallest bit of alcohol had an effect on the brain's gray matter which is the region of the brain that makes up the important parts where information is processed.

According to a senior researcher and author at Oxford, Anya Topiwala, she states that "the more people consumed alcohol the less volume of their gray matter."

She also states that while alcohol had a small contribution to brain deterioration (0.8%), it is still a great contribution that other 'modifiable' risk factors, explaining that the modifiable risk factors are the ones a person can still do something about.

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