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5 Healthy Menstrual Hygiene Practices For All Girls

Being a girl could seem like a very tedious task especially when she starts seeing her period for the first time. This is the point in time when she needs to learn simple and basic hygienic practices. Keeping simple and basic hygiene helps ward of all degrees of viruses and infections and predisposes you to a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

Below are some hygienic practices each and every girl should imbibe on a daily basis;

Don’t use scented toilet paper, tampons or pads.

As a girl, it is very important that you do not use scented toilet paper, tampons or pads because the chemicals could irritate your skin and cause skin injuries that may be similar to burns. You must ensure you make use of unscented products that lack any additional chemicals.

Don’t avoid tracking your period

One of the best things you can do for yourself is learning how to track your period. This is very important because some certain kinds of diseases and infections can be indicated by a change in your menstrual cycle. If you don't know how to manually calculate your period, you can always install an app that can help you with it.

Don’t wash your vagina and vulva too thoroughly.

Inasmuch as you're trying to keep your private area clean, it is also important that you do not over wash it so as not to upset the normal pH balance of that area. While washing that area, ensure you use mild soaps and gentle strokes.

Change your tampon frequently.

If you're the type that is into using tampons, you must ensure you do not use one for more than 8 hours. Keeping tampons in your private area for too long breeds bacteria and infections.

Don’t let cravings win.

Even while you are on your period, it is important that you eat healthy and exercise. Not keeping up with your daily routines only increases the bloating and mood swings.

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