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6 Healthy Foods That Have Wound Healing Properties

The environment we live in is filled with materials which are capable of causing injury to humans. Truly, there is no absolute way to tell when an accident is going to happen because it happens unexpectedly, but there are ways to prevent in. Accidents usually results in injury which leads to wounds in the skin. Although the body has the ability to heal itself, but to speed up this process, there are some certain foods we are advised to consume in this condition. 

1. Honey.

Because of its antibacterial properties and unique PH balance, honey is said to be one of the best foods for wound healing. It has been used since ancient times as a remedy to treat wounds and injury, honey also promotes oxygen and healing compounds to a wound.

2. Vegetables. 

There are many types of vegetables but the leafy green ones such as spinach, arugula, kale and others have been proven to have wound healing properties. Research has shown that green vegetables contain nutrients that reduce inflammation and improve wound healing.

3. Turmeric.

Curcumin is a chemical which is found in Turmeric, and research has shown that it has wound healing properties. Turmeric helps to decrease inflammation and oxidation, it also helps to restore the production of important growth factor which are necessary for wound healing.

4. Milk. 

Milk is very high in calcium content. This nutrient helps to speed up the wound healing process, it also increases the healing quality of the wound.

5. Eggs.

Many people know egg to be an excellent source of protein, but there's more to this food. Egg contains nutrients that accelerate wound healing and immune health. It is also rich in vitamin A and B12, which plays a significant role in wound healing.

6. Nuts.

The presence of plant-based proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats in nuts are necessary for wound healing. According to research, consuming nuts regularly tend to raise zinc, manganese and vitamin E levels in the body, which helps in faster wound healing.

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