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Top Secret To Living A Melodious Life

A top secret to living a peaceful and happy life which majority of the people fail to take care of is minding own business. Just mind your business and don't get involved in other people's affairs. 

After Smokers The Next Idiots Who Are Liable To Die Young Are Those Idiots Who Won't Mind Their Own Business But Poke Nose Into Other People's Affairs.

Not Everyone You Love Will Stay. Not Everyone You Trust Will Be Loyal To You And Some People Only Exist As Examples Of What To Avoid In Your Life.Love Is Natural But Hatred Is Taught.

If They Don't Involve You, Don't Get Involved. If They Don't Tell You, Don't Ask Them. If It's Not Your Place To Step In, Stay In Your Own Comfort Zone. Then Learn To Accept The Depth Of Which People Necessitate Your Involvement In Their Lives Or Affairs.

The Most Useful Personal Asset Of A Person Is Not A Head Full Of Knowledge, But Indeed A Heart Full Of Love And Compassion, With Ears Open To Listen And Willing To Also Help.

We Live In A Very Strange World Where The Wretched Poor Walks Miles To Get What To Eat, While The Rich Walks Only To Digest What They Have Eaten.

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