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Photos Of Tired Doctors And Nurses After Working For Long Hours

Doctors and nurses are human beings like you and I, who also get stressed and tired after they have worked for hours because they use both their hands and intense brainwork to perform their duties in the hospital. This is why it's unfair to treat them or talk to them harshly. Especially when you know they are doing their best to attend to every patient.

Presently, doctors and nurses are being overworked in many countries due to the COVID-19 outbreak and many have even lost their life after getting exposed to the virus.

Not only do these people get tired from attending to many patients a day, they are also often exposed to different diseases and stand a risk of getting infected if they are not careful.

Doctors and nurses looking very tired after long hours of work

In a country like Nigeria, many doctors are very much frustrated and tired after work because most times they don't get paid what they deserve at the end of the day. It's also very unfortunate and sad that after long hours of attending to endless patients in the hospital, the government won't pay you your monthly salary.

Next time you see a very tired doctor or nurse, you can pat them on the back and give them words of encouragement or you can buy them some lunch. Their job is one that is not easy.

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