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Throwback to When Canadian Doctors Protest About Their Massive Salaries

As at the year 2018, In Canada, more the 500 doctors, and over 150 medical students, protested against their own pay raises by signing a public letter.

They said that they are displaced that they are receiving pay raises while the nurses and other professionals in the field are challenged with burdensome working condition, and the patients live with lack of access to the required services because of the concentration of power in the Ministry of Health.

In total, there were 213 general practitioners, 184 specialists, 149 resident medical doctors and 162 medical students, and they said they want the money used for their raises to be returned to the system instead of them being overpaid.

As at then, it was estimated that a physician in Canada is paid 260,924 US dollars ($339,000 Canadian), a family physician is paid 211,717 US dollars ($275,000 Canadian), and a surgical specialist is paid 354,915 US dollars ($461,000 Canadian), according to a report from the Canadian institute for Health Information that was published in September 2017.

On 1 February 2018, the Médecins Québécois Pour le Régime Public(MQRP) published a letter denouncing working conditions of nurses.

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