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NEVER Give Up on GOD! This STORY That Will Teach You A Lot About Life

At times stories can teach us alot of things in life. We can be enlightened by stories of people's experience and fictions and gain more knowledge about life. Below are stories that will teach you alot about life.

1. The picture below shows a figure of a man lying by the sea shore. He was stranded in an Island.

2. He prayed everyday hoping that God would send someone to rescue him, but no one came.

3. After some months he learned how to survive in the island.

4. He began to accumulate things from the Island.

5. The stored what stored what he got in a but which he made.

6. One day after hunting for food, he came back and saw his house burning.

7. All his possessions were being burnt and he had only his cloths on him

8. He was initially in anger and rage.

9. He began to say words he shouldn't say.

10. The picture below shows the words he said.11. He began to wonder why all these happened to him.

12. He fell on his knees and began to weep.

13. He looked up and saw a ship coming towards his direcrion.

14. He became rescued and went off from the island.

15. Everything was to back to normal.

16. The Man asked the captain of the school how he was able to find him.

17. The captain told him that it was because of the smoke from the burning hut.

18. the captain further explained as you can see from the picture.

19. Don't be deceived by the situations you see now.

20. There is nothing impossible to be transformed.

21. God is always there with you and he hears your heart cry.

22. I learnt that when one opens his/her heart upon God, he/she will not be forsaken.

23. Believe in God and live righteously and he will not forsake you.

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