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The Outbreak Of Covid-19 Is Indeed A Blessing In Disguise For Many People ,See Reason That Prove It

Many people believes in the existence of miracles but we fail to see the wonders that actually happened during the period of the Corona virus pandemic.

The pandemic came as a shock to everyone, because nobody has ever thought that a virus could put a hold on the activities of the entire world,but unfortunately this deadly virus took a complete hold on the actions and movement of the world and many were left hopeless.

This period was a very tough one for every average person out there ,who couldn't go out to hustle and earned money for their bills , I'm very sure things were hard and feeding could would have a very big problem, but what happened? You may want to ask what I'm trying to say ? Well I'm trying to say in every situation or dark tunnel there is a silver lining and God will in one way or the other found a way to satisfy us ,right ? .

Well , this are some of the impact and effects must have had on the people.


1) The COVID-19 made us realize the importance of health : I can proudly bet that 80%of Nigerians didn't know the importance of health

2) The out of the pandemic left us cautious: In the past ,Many Nigerians failed to understand the use and purposes of hand washing , now everyone knows how it important it is and they make to keep up the culture and save lives , Now we pay attention to what we wear , What we we do and how we do them.

3) COVID-19 is the reason why average now understands the complications involves in not taking one's health seriously.

4) The Virus h as helped to spread a vital message across to those ,who feels that everything is all about Monetary gains.


We all know every economy suffered huge loses during the horrible period of the pandemic, but the scar has left a deep impact on us and now we would understand things better .

1) The pandemic led to the discovery of many talented individuals whose talents had been hidden from the world, but the lockdown gave them the chance to express and people in turn also had time to pay attention to them , and this discovery has added greatly to the development of the economy.

2) Mr Steven Ukpabi , the man who had cancelled rent for 63 students living in his hostel ,wouldn't have done if there was no pandemic, this single action of his has saved Nigeria from additional criminal activities, this is because the students would have attempted committing crimes to pay their bills and as well as pay for the rent.

Believe it or not , his single act of humanity saved the Nigerian economy from losing valuable and vibrant youths to crimes and other stuffs.

3) The outbreak of the pandemic led to the creation of one of the most creative and impactful pages on Facebook , Yorochitv came into existence during the lockdown and this group has slowly developed into a community of United youths, creative and knowledgeable individuals, the activities which is being carried out on this platform has really proven beyond reasonable doubt ,what would have happened to so many vulnerable youths out there ,who got their love and solence from the members of this group. Yorochitv has helped to raised Monetary assistance as well as non- material help for the members of the group ,and I can proudly say the impact of this group is bring felt Every single day ,and without this I believe the economic growth would have been affected.


the business world is just like the entertainment industry we cannot do without them , the pandemic I believe left a huge scar in the business world but that doesn't mean we don't have things to be grateful,we just need to appreciate the fact that we survived it.

1) The pandemic left many business enterprises counting loses.

2) many small and medium scale businesses had to close down due to lack of funds and buyers due to the imposed lockdown.

3) The restaurant industry I believe suffered more damages due to the fact that people couldn't come out to eat.

Despite all that happened we are still very grateful to alive, healthy and wealthy , instead of being sad and unhappy about the things we can not change, we should grateful for what we learnt during this period.

Content created and supplied by: Meenaella (via Opera News )


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