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Health Tips: See Why Early Morning Water Is Essential And What It Does In The Human Body

Good morning guys. Welcome to another beautiful article of mine. My article today is on the importance of drinking water early in the morning immediately you wake up.

Water as we all know is among the six(6) classes of food. Water is very essential for the human body just like every kind of foods. It is very good for all both old and young,male and female. Even animals and plants also need water to grow.

A good water should contain all these things: it must be colourless, tasteless and odourless. When you drink a water that does not contain all these things especially a dirty water,it can lead to diarrhea which means constant stooling.

Water is one thing that can never be in waste because water serve different purposes which means that water that is not good for drinking can be used to was plates or wash clothes

Water is uncountable and also in liquid form.

There are different sources of water:

1. Ocean

2. Lake

3. Stream

4. Rain

5. Borehole

See why you need to drink water immediately you wake up.

1. Helps to Rehydrate the body.

2. It increases your level of alertness.

3. It helps fuel your brain

4. It helps in fighting of sickness. 

5. Drinking water early in the morning keeps you young and fresh.

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