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The Healing Power Of Snail


Hello house. How are you doing? May God keeps protecting you and your family from incurable diseases(amin).

Lately, I dished out articles on how to use snails in solving many health challenges. Most readers were surprised and never heard it anywhere before my articles that SNAILS can be as used in curing serious diseases.

What they did not understand is, I only shared little information among plentiful areas in which the snails can be used. The healing power in snail is gigantic, and this secret is known and used by some health companies in the Western countries.

I can still remember what my eyes saw the day I went to visit my mum on Lagos Island. At that time, she used to sell in Marina car park. As I entered the park and headed to direction of my mum's shop i saw plenty sacs filled by snail shells. I was surprised and wondered what they wanted to do with them. 

When I reached mum's place after few minutes, I quickly asked her questions concerning the shells. She said " it is a contract between some white men and igbo men. The Igbos would gather the snail's shells and sell them to the white men while the whites would take the shells to their country for production of medication". Can you imaging that!

Even, snail shells which some of You throw away are good medicine, and been used by many people as a source of income and healing! 

See, if the shell is sun-dried and well grinded into powder then add original honey. Mix them together. Get pure white of breakable plate then pour little of the mixed ingredients on the breakable plate, and use your right index finger to lick it as many times as you can in the morning before food. Lick everything on the plate or rinse away the remnants. Don't leave any remnants on the plate.

Try this for 14days and see great relief from Asthmatic threat. Continual intake of it will eradicate the asthma and some of lungs problems.

Powdered shells and honey are sure cure of Osteoporosis, Rheumatism and Cartilage problems like: joint pain. To be licked as mentioned in the paragraph above.

I will write about how to use the snails body soon. Kindly follow me for more interesting articles.

Thanks for reading , do share your thoughts and don't forget to like and share this content.

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