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8 Things That Can Happen To Your Health If You Overlook These Symptoms

Our body tells us that something is wrong with us by showing us some signs and symptoms like, tangling, swelling, and so on. So, it's important for us to take this signs seriously. For us to know the meaning of these signs, I've gathered the meaning of some symptoms. Kindly go through them below.

1. Salt

Eating too much of salt will lead to accumulating of fluid in the body. According to doctors, the standard amount of salt that should be eating in a day is 1 tablespoon or 5g (0.17 oz).

What you should do: Limit or reduce the amount of your salt consumption. But if your food is lacking flavour, you can add spices and herbs to your it.

2. Allergy

If you noticed swelling alongside redness and itching in your body, it's nothing but an allergy.

What you should do: If the swelling is growing faster and touches your face and body, visit your doctor immediately. But if the swelling is minor, using antihistamines will assist you.

3. Hormones

Fluid accumulation can also leads to hormonal failure. So, if you have swollen legs, unexplainable weight gain, and abdominal distension, it's can be an hormonal edema.

What you should do: Change your eating plan: reduce the amount of salt, sweet, and spicy foods intake and go for protein-rich foods. Don't forget to visit your gynecologist or endocrinologist for more information.

4. Kidney disease

If you observe swelling on your face only in the beginning of the day (i.e morning), its may be a sign of kidney problems. Furthermore, you may also notice a change of colour in your urine and feel lower back pain sometimes.

Solution: Start sleeping on your back. Visit a nephrologist is also important.

5. Heart diseases

Chest pain, fatigue, swelling of legs, and dyspnea are all signs of heart diseases.

Solution: Don't treat Cardiac edema at home. Visit a cardiologist if you noticed any of the above symptoms visit your cardiologist immediately.

6. Medicines

Taking some drugs like analgesic, birth control pills, or antipyretic can result to swelling.

Solution: Consult your doctor if medicine gives you swelling.

7. Lifestyle

Sitting or standing for a long time can leads to leg edema.

Solution: If you normally sit down in your working place, try to take a break or do a little stroll or workout. It's also not advisable to cross your legs while sitting down.

8. Dehydration

Swollen of wrists, ankles, and the end part of your stomach can an indication of liquid accumulation.

Solution: Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and some carbonated drinks. And start drinking at least 1.2 litres of water per day.

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