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If You Think Your Child Is Very Fat, You Need To See The Pictures Of This 3-year Old Indian Girl

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I thought I have seen it all until I came across the pictures of this 3-year old obese child on Internet. The pictures baffled me a lot,the pictures made me to begin asking myself questions ; How can a girl of just 3 years gather so much weight? Do her mother feed her every 2 minutes? Unfortunately the child’s condition is more than those questions. If you read patiently, you will understand what actually is actually happening to her. 

Chahat Kumar has gained a lot of attention from people around her vicinity in India, and even from other countries around India. The girl is so fat that at the moment, she cannot stand on her own for barely 15 seconds. She cannot stand on her own, and has to drag herself on the floor, because her legs are so weak that it can’t withstand the weight of her hefty upper body.

See her recent pictures below

Currently, the child weighs more than 4 stones (approximately 26 Kg), the kind of weight some of 10-Year old children don’t have. Her new weight when compared to the one she had when she was only 8-month old, shows that she added extra 2.5 stones within 2 years. Her insatiable appetite has been pinpointed as the possible cause of her rapid weight gain, because she used to eat almost 6 times in a day, the amount of food even a child of 7-years cannot eat. 

See more of her photos below (when she is still below 2 years)

According to Indian doctors that examined her, Chahat is suffering from a rare genetic disease called “Leptin deficiency disease”, a condition that resist the signal that triggers the feeling of food satisfaction to the brain. So, any child that has that kind of genetic disorder usually feel insatiable appetite, which in turn results to excessive weight gain. According to the Indian doctors, Little Chahat makes it the 51 children they have found with that kind of rare genetic disorder.

However, Excessive weight is not only the problem of Chahat, according to her mother, she also suffers from a rare skin condition, a condition that causes hardness of skin, even up to a point that syringe cannot pierce through her body. The condition has made taking of her samples to analyze her condition more difficult. The child is really passing through hell, she is passing through a lot of pain, and needs proper attention and care.

Together with her parents

Some of Indian doctors have already volunteered themselves to help manage the child’s condition before it becomes too late. They are already doing some testings in the lab in a bid to get an hormone that will counteract the hormone that causes Leptin deficiency. The child needs an urgent treatment because her weight gain is increasing on daily basis. If something is not done soonest, I don’t know what will be the fate of such an innocent child.

Note: All the pictures are credited to Google

She needs our prayers dearly, like I said earlier, “she is passing through a lot”

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