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Ways You Can Get An Infection From Your Partner Apart From $ex

According to healthline Perhaps you believe that the only way to get an STD is to have sexual contact with someone who already has it. Because sexually transmitted virus particles can survive on or in any area of the body, including the insides, the outsides, and the fluids, this idea is untrue. This means that these diseases can be transmitted not just by bodily fluids but also through skin-to-skin contact. Understanding that not all diseases can be spread by direct touch with any portion of the skin or the fluids present within the body is of the utmost significance. Depending on what disease is present, a different part of the skin may be responsible for the transmission of infection.

Keep in mind that you can only get sick from a partner who is already sick with the same condition. In addition to the most obvious, which is participating in sexual activity with your spouse, this article will discuss five more ways you could potentially receive an infection from your partner, as reported by Healthline.

First, you could get sick from a virus or bacteria in your mouth, throat, lips, or saliva. This is not impossible. The danger of contracting a disease increases when people participate in any form of oral intimacy. When you kiss your partner, you put both of you at risk of contracting and spreading germs.

Second, there is the risk of infection from anus fluid leakage. Something like this might occur if you engage in oral sexual contact.

Third, touching your spouse's privates with your fingers or having them touched by your lover puts you at danger of developing an illness.

Playing with blood, whether it be from a woman's period or another source, can spread infections. Infections can spread through the body via fluids like blood.

5. Your partner's breast milk could potentially transmit an infection to you.

A trip to the doctor is in order as soon as any unusual physical symptoms appear.

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