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Stubborn body fat, 4 areas that it accumulates, and 3 magic tips to get rid of it

Although some people succeed in losing weight, following diet and exercise regimens, they are unable to get rid of stubborn fat that accumulates in specific areas of the body, which makes them feel frustrated.

We review the following report, a list of the most prominent areas where stubborn fat accumulates in the body and how to get rid of them, according to the sites "Prevention" and "Health line."

Focus areas of stubborn fat in the body

1- The arms

2- The abdomen

3- Buttocks

4- Thighs

Tips to get rid of stubborn fat

A proper diet,

Some people believe that harsh diet regimens are the only way to get rid of stubborn fat, knowing that everyone needs a diet different from others, determined according to their own burning rates, and after a period of adherence to them, the proportion of stubborn fat will gradually decrease, Until it finally disappears.

Playing sports

If you suffer from abdominal fat, be sure to do exercises specifically targeting this area, taking into account maintenance and continuity, to obtain satisfactory results.

Follow a healthy lifestyle routine

Stubborn fats cannot be eliminated without a healthy lifestyle routine, which supports the health and physical condition, and the most prominent healthy habits that this routine must include:

- Get enough sleep every day, because the rate of burning fat increases during sleep, unlike the waking hours in which the body reduces energy, and some studies indicated that there is a relationship between sleep disorders and the accumulation of fat around the abdominal area.

-Drink plenty of water daily to boost your body's metabolism rate. Drinking water before meals helps reduce the amounts of foods consumed throughout the day, which contributes to weight loss.

- Avoid psychological stress, as a study revealed that permanent exposure to stress reduces the chances of losing weight, due to the secretion of the hormone cortisol, , which increases the desire to eat.

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