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Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Save Money

I have seen and heard of rich people who fell from grace to grass. Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes and former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue are examples of people who were rich and famous but now went broke. There are many of them in Nigeria especially ex footballers.

Although I am not here to write about who and who was rich and famous but later went broke. I am just trying to get your mindset know that no matter how rich you are, if you are not careful you may go into bankruptcy. If you leave a reckless and flashy lifestyle, my brother, my sister you are on a long thing.

So today I am writing you a lifestyle changes that can help you save money. All I need is your little time. Read with open heart.

Below are lifestyle that can help you save some money:

1. Always learn new things, this will keep you busy and can bring you additional income. Learning is constant.

2. Everything you need to learn is free on internet. Don’t be lazy and don’t pay expensive courses for something you can learn easily by yourself. For on this platform I learnt how to write. I can tell you that I have made some money here.

3. Never buy a thing the first day you see it. Wait couple of days, you will see in majority of cases you don’t need it, you just “want it” for whatever reason. Don't buy because Mr A bought. You may regret it later.

4. Start living simply. Try not to have material belongings past your essential prerequisites which keeps you protected and solid. Try not to purchase what you can't afford to service consistently.

5. Stay near your office/workplace. This helps on multiple fronts. It spares time for drive. It gets a good deal on drive. You can purchase a little bicycle, bike or even stroll till the workplace like me. Last 2 choices would likewise be adequate to finish your half of portion for actual exercise.

6.Do not compromise on basic things for saving money. It's not worth it. It's not justified, despite any potential benefits. You'll wind up in a difficult situation by spending more on wellbeing and clinical costs.

7. Eat homemade healthy food. Do not eat outside unless absolutely necessary.

8. Have good Health and Life insurance. Check your company healthcare policy and insurance. You also must have the company doctor or dispensary. Use these things for maximum benefit.

9. Utilize the gym at office. It would set aside cash for separate exercise center. In the event that your office doesn't have gym or if it's excessively packed, at that point or you're shameful to practice in presence of crowded people then you can rehearse Yoga 🧘‍♂️ or abdominal at the comfort of your home. Everything necessary is just a space of 4x6, a cotton sleeping cushion and determination. It will limit your medical costs. 

10. Don’t buy things with diminishing returns if you don’t need them - - for example vehicle worth #2, 000,000 will be worth #1,000, 000 in couple of years. Simply figure the amount you need to work for this dissipating #1,000, 000 and afterward ascertain is it justified, despite all the trouble. Calculate all the gas, equipment , upkeep and so forth you have to keep your vehicle working.

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