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The Effects And Impacts of Covid19 in Nigeria

It is popularly said that physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In life, the greatest wealth is health. When people are healthy and living a good life everything is said to be okay but when human lives are being threatened, it becomes difficult to live.

The outbreak of Covid19 has been felt negatively and positively by everyone in and outside the country Nigeria. It has helped out with some cases and has also worsen certain issues for many.

On the positive side, it has given some persons the opportunity to sit and reflect about their lives. The past, the present and the future and then make necessary adjustment.

It has brought about family ties because many families hardly have time to hangout or visit one another because of work and other constraint but with the lockdown decree, such persons had the opportunity to makeup and filled the vacuum that was left. Parents had time to be with their children and vice versa.

It brought many people closer to God because everyone was in fear. The outbreak of corona virus made people turn to their God be it the Christians, Muslims, or other form of religion. People were more engaged with prayers, fasting, supplications, sacrifices, divination etc, all in a bid to get a solution to the pandemic.

Economically, the pandemic made people save money since the rate of expenses was low due to the fact that social events were banned. No party, wedding, clubbing, birthday, funeral and others. You can agree with me that these are ways people spend a lot of money.

It also saved lives in the sense that the rate of accident, crime, robbery and terrorist attack was held still. Everyone was at home and living in fear so it gave no room for these activities, rather, people were more focused on how to survive the outbreak.

It increased the economy of government workers who stay at home and received salary at the end of the month. They had time to rest because it was a compulsory holiday for everyone.

On the negative side, private business owners suffered most because they locked down their businesses. Their workers had no salary and in a country like Nigeria where 70% of citizens are daily income earners, it really affected them.

It led to hunger in the land because the prices of commodities increased drastically, there was food scarcity and there was no means of transportation to other states or nation.

It has also affected the education sector in the country. Schools and academic calendar have been altered. Nigerian students were grounded at home and as a result, many couldn't graduate at the stipulated time.

The coronavirus pandemic has been witnessed in different angles and one cannot exhaust its impacts and effects. In all these, one thing is certain, and that is the fact that we all saw it, witness it and survived it.

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost but when health is lost, everything is lost. Be careful with your health and obey covid19 safety guidelines. Be safe.

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