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Seven Rituals You Should Perform Daily to Help You Grow Positively.

In life, there are some rituals you can perform to improve yourself.Rituals are repeated set of actions. Do not think that self improvement can happen overnight. It has to do with daily struggles that would become a habit and becomes easy for you in the long run. As a man or a woman, why not try to practice these seven rituals everyday and know if you won't start seeing life changing results. 

1. Exercise daily:

No matter your age, whether young or old,male or female, not not underestimate the power of exercise to give your life a whole new meaning. The only thing there is to ensure you do not do the exercises that strains you. Do those that are only suitable for your body. If you are still young and strong, learn to exercise for at least thirty minutes daily. You should also run or jog, it has a different way of making you feel better. If you're not too strong to run, take a long walk. Do something that warms up your entire body. 

2. Read something Daily:

Learning never ends. The day you stop learning is the day you die. If you're living and you're not learning, you might fade out like a withering flower. Yes, if you're reading this article it means you can read. Ensure you read something daily. They might be things you are already aware of but you should continue to feed your mind daily.

3. Take out time to pray:

A prayerful person is a powerful person. A person who prays often, conquers often. It is usually said that the spiritual controls the physical. Go inside your room and commune with God. You have to win in your private prayers for you to win in the world publicly. You find time to eat, to talk with people to go places so why not carve out some minutes for God. Gradually you would see the improvement in your spiritual life.

4. Bath twice daily:

Form the habit of taking your bath twice daily. Even if you have body odour, bathing twice in a day will help you to overcome any unpleasant smell. This is not for women only but for men as well. Do not see it as a big task. If you start doing this daily, you will see the difference in your life as it helps you to be programmed knowing fully well that you must take your bath twice in a day. It helps you to stay committed to your plans.

5. Practice respect:

Resect is reciprocal. If you respect people around you, more people will respect you. You do not force people to respect you. You earn respect. Practicing respect also includes respecting yourself. If you do not respect yourself, the thing is, no one would respect you. Everyday practice respect for people and for yourself this way, to you will win the respect of others. Respect your husband, wife, children, and friends.

6. Always show your gratitude and appreciation:

Appreciation is an application for more. Do not ignore to shoe your gratitude and appreciation for what people have done for you. No matter how little, always learn to say thank you. When people notice the way you appreciate what they have don't for you, they would always be eager to do more for you because they know you value it. People do not like to do things for people who do not show gratitude and appreciation. In fact, if you are not used to appreciating what someone has done for you, start today to change.

6. Eat healthy everyday:

If your eating habit is poor, you should improve it. If you over eat or eat a lot of sugary things or a lot of unhealthy snack, please change from today. Introduce more fruits and vegetables, take a lot of water. This is not only for overweight people. It is for everyone. Learn how to stay healthy because health is wealth. The only person who can control what you eat or drink. Stop being controlled by what you eat rather, control what you eat. Remember, you are what you eat and drink.

7. Lend a helping hand to someone:

So many people needs help. Help must not come in form of money. Help can come in form of attention and care. Start by helping your immediate family members with one thing or the other and then extend it to the other people outside. You could give out old clothes, it might be the blessing someone has been praying for, you can listen to someone, it might be all the person needs, just a listening ear.

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