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See The Different Functions Of Parts Of The Ear And Eye

See The Different Functions Of Parts Of The Ear

1)Pinna:it is used to collect sound waves 

2) Ossicle:They are used to produce wax to keep them sample

3) Eardrum: They are used to produce vibrations

4)Oval window:It is used to transmit vibrations to the perilymph

5) Cochlea: Contains sensory hair cells which detects vibrations 

6)Semi circular canals: They contain hair cells and othiliths for detecting. balance

7)Auditory nerves: They conduct impulses from Cochlea to the brain

 Functions of part of the eye

1)Eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows: Protect eye from dust and bright light

2)Tear glands and conjuncvita:Keep eye moist free from dust and infection

3) Sclerotic: Protect eyeball and gives attachment to muscles moving eye in orbit

4)Cornea: Focus light Ray's into pupil

5) Choroid:Contains blood supply of eye, gives colour to eye

6)Iris: Regulates movement of light entering the pupil 

7)Lens: Focuses light onto retina from near and distant objects

8)Cilliary muscles and suspensors ligament: Enable lens to change shape for focusing

9) Retina:Contains rods and cones which are sensitive to light.percieves an inverted image

10)Fovea:It is used to perceive detail

11)Optic nerve:Conveys impulses from the retina to the brain

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