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Negative Effects Of Starvation That Could Be Affecting You

Starvation or hunger is said to be a condition in which the body is denied food and water for a long period of time. As we know, this is required to perform certain vital functions in the human body.

However, when this is continuous, can cause both physical and mental problems, in extreme cases lead to death. So we have curated in this article the negative effects of starvation, whether it is for dieting purpose or a result of poverty.

Let's take a look;

1. Constipation

Prolonged starvation can incite constipation in many individuals. Constipation is a condition whereby stool can no longer be eliminated from the rectum effectively as the stool is now hard.

Source: FirstCry Parenting

2. Deficiencies

Starvation hinders the body from ingesting the numerous and important nutrients in foods required for the whole body functions. Thus, will lead to the deficiency of these nutrients and cause illnesses like marasmus, anaemia and kwashiorkor(protein deficiency)

Source: MyDr

3. Implicates the brain function

Lack of food and water damages the brain functions and exhausts all the glucose needed for the effective performance of cognitive abilities and other biochemical reactions associated with it.

4. Dehydration

The glycogen levels are depleted and the electrolyte is disturbed when we starve, this leads to dehydration which aggravates other problems like cracked and dry skin, lethargy, lack of urinary output, low BP etc.

Source: istock

Furthermore, starvation has been proven to instigate feelings of anxiety, poor concentration, grumpiness and chronic depression. Perhaps this is why

"A hungry man is said to be an angry man."

Notwithstanding, in the absence of food, especially because of poverty, endeavour to drink water according to experts.

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