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Sexually Transmitted Infection That Can Cause Hair Loss In The Body

Do you know that some people lose hair from their bodies because of an STD? Infections are often overlooked as a possible cause of hair loss because of the prevalence of the belief that hormone imbalances or skin disorders are the only possible explanations.

In this piece, inspired by a WebMD article, we will examine the STIs that lead to hair thinning and loss. Relax and take in this article while you get some valuable knowledge.

Which STDs are responsible for baldness?

According to healthline Patchy hair loss is a late symptom of syphilis, which can be diagnosed based on a skin test. Among these, syphilis in its latter stages can also cause a sore throat, fever, and a rash that doesn't itch. Damage to the immune system, such as that caused by syphilis, can result in hair loss. If you have syphilis, you should realize that delaying treatment could result in serious consequences.

Research has also indicated that untreated advanced syphilis can lead to heart issues. If you suspect you have syphilis, it is in your best interest to begin treatment as soon as feasible.

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