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How you can use condoms correctly

The proper usage of protection is essential for effective protection against infections transmitted through intercourse and unintended pregnancies.

According to Healthline, when you use protection and other barrier methods, it’s very crucial to follow guidelines. Using protection in the rightful manner makes them more effective. Follow these safety precautions when using internal and external protection:

1. Check the expiration date.

2. Make sure the package has an air bubble, which shows it hasn’t been punctured.

3. Wear the protection in the correct way.

4. For external protection, always leave room at the tip and unroll the protection onto the male organ or intercourse toy, not before it goes on.

5. Use protection-safe lubricant, avoiding oil-based lubes with latex protection.

6. Hold onto the protection after intercourse, so it doesn’t slip.

7. Dispose of the protection properly.

8. Avoid removing a protection and try to put it on again.

9. Do not reuse a protection.

Kindly stick to these instructions to avoid mistakes while using protection.

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