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Pregnancy period

See Trending Pregnancy Photoshoot That Got People Talking

Pregnancy occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg after it's released from the ovary during ovulation. The fertilized egg then travels down into the uterus, where implantation occurs. A successful implantation results in pregnancy. On average, a full-term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

I actually stumbled on this pregnant lady's pictures on a social media platform. I don't know her from anywhere, but her tummy really got my attention. The magnitude, the tummy expansion. damn!!!

I know how it feels whenever I overfeed my tummy; the discomfort, the belching, and the way i often roll on the floor in pursuit of comfort and joy.

Now, herein is a pregnant lady, a whole human being carried inside that tummy? Whatever I feel whenever I'm overfed may be actually times 100 or more, of what a pregnant woman feels..

The discomfort, the lost of appetite, nausea, sleepless night etc. Jeez, women, you guys are the bomb!! Period pain, cramps nko, No man can walk in your shoes.

A woman is a woman! An earthly god you are, the only being that can go through that agony of carrying pregnancy, and the delivery of it. No man can come near.

Respect to all the women (single & married) reading this now, i salute una die!

I doff my hat for you all.

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