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Dangers of using tissue papers during menstrual periods

I'm pretty sure most ladies have been in a situation or two where their periods came unexpectedly and there was no sanitary pads nearby so they had to make do with tissue paper. That's understandable and okay but it's not the best option. In this article, I'm going to talk about the dangers of using tissue papers during menstrual periods.

First, we should bear in mind that some tissue papers are products of waste paper and therefore are not hygienic for use during menstruation. It is a poor hygiene practice on the part of women and should not be be adopted. 

Second, using tissue papers during menstrual periods places women at high risk of contracting infections as pieces of the tissue paper can find its way through the vaginal cavity and enter the bloodstream causing serious health hazards. It could also affect reproductive organs causing higher health implications. One of them is the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which may be hidden in the body systems until issues of infertility arises as untreated PID is a major cause of infertility. 

Also tissue papers are not advisable for women who experience heavy flow in their periods as they could get stained easily if it is not changed on time. Tissue papers do not provide maximum comfortability as sanitary pads do and some women could be restricted from doing some of their daily activities because of that. 

With all these said, please endeavour to have a sanitary pad handy in case of necessity. 

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