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One Thing You Should Stop Eating At Night To Sleep Well And Avoid Harming Your Health

After a very stressful and tiring day, we rush back home at night feeling very hungry and exhausted. At this point, all we want to do is get anything within our reach, eat them while heading to the bed to sleep off.

Most of what we end up eating at that hour could be something that ends up causing more harm to our health. This is why we will see one thing that we should stop eating in the night in order to avoid this.

Well, without wasting time, this one thing is sugary foods. You would agree with me that majority of the foods we eat at that hour are foods that contain added sugars. According to a 2016 study, it has this to say below:Such foods range from tea, soft drinks and bread, cereals with sugar and milk, noodles, coffee which contains caffeine and many others. Some other persons may even go to the extent of adding alcoholic drinks to it.Have you wondered what this sugary foods do to your health at the end of the day?. Well, it would be alright for you to know that sugary foods do nothing but deprive you of the good sleep you would have had.

This is because, sugar is energy giving substance which gives the body the strength to become active again. It does this by increasing your blood sugar and causing the pancreas to release insulin.

When this happens, it reactivates the body once again thereby depriving you of sleep. This is when you have that energy to go back to the office work you forgot to finish thereby, staying awake for longer periods which can cause many health challenges for you. A dietician has this to say below:Nights are meant for rest and good sleep after the activities of the day. The normal vicious circle says that we are supposed to sleep for atleast 7 hours every day.

Hence, when we deprive ourselves of good sleep, we tend to become weak and moody the following day, apart from that some health issues accompanied with that are high blood pressure.

This can escalate into cardiac attack, stroke, diabetes from the sugary foods, excess weight gain and others. So, we are advised to go for more healthy meals and try to eat them early before we go to bed. I hope this article helps.

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