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Seven habits that are damaging your eyes

They say 'the eyes are a man's window to his soul,' pardon me if I rephrase that by saying: 'the eyes are our windows to the world,' because it is the lens through which we both see and perceive all that is around us.

In more ways than one, done obliviously or intentionally, we have inculcated quite a few habits which are harmful to our vision, some which are mentioned below.

1) Watching TV night

Excessively watching the television, most especially in dark places or rooms do not only seriously damages the eyes but kill brain cells too. So next time when you want to watch the news or your favorite television show, maintain a good distance from the TV and make sure the room is properly lighted.

2) Not using eye(sun) glasses

This applies for both dusty-sooth filled environments and going out when the sun is high in the sky. The consequences here would be premature aging of your eyes.

3) Make-up

A simple mistake would most probably-higher for amateurs- occur when trying to apply eye make-up. Well, make-up products are chemicals and we all know that chemicals don't sit too well in the human body except they're drugs.

4) Poor diet

The rate at which out bodies develop and their functionality in the long run boils down to our daily nutrition. Regularly consuming meals lacking in the six classes of food would yield eyes prone to developing faults.

5) Smoking

Many research projects( even those carried out by international tobacco four country research program) have shown that smoking causes different eye conditions such as macular degeneration (aging) and dry eyes.

6) Not drinking enough water

Drinking as little water as you can would do you no good dehydration does not only form the basis of kidney stones and indigestion, it also results in the inadequate production of tears. And when tears are not being produced to keep the eyes moisturized and nourished, the outcome would be 'dry, red and puffy' eyes.

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