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Beware - Early signs of kidney failure.

Everybody has one kidney at the either side of the spine. The function of the kidney are:

(1)to help transmit toxins to the bladder where your body later excrete during urination.

(2) It helps filter your blood and eliminate toxins from the body.

After a lot of explanations on the function of the kidney and kidney itself, we tend to know what really causes kidney failure and how it develops in the body.

Kidney failure, however, develops when the kidney develops fault or when the kidney lacks strength and ability to remove waste from the blood adequately.

Here are some factors can interfere with health and function of the kidney.

(1) Serious Dehydration:

The body will have so many toxins if your kidney lacks strength to perform its duties which can lead to serious kidney failure if left untreated and can lead to death.

Here are some symptoms that come with people with infected kidney.

(1) frequent drowsiness

(2) Lasting nausea.

Though symptoms of kidney failure at an early stage may be difficult to recognize.

Kidney failure may result from several conditions or causes but those with a higher risk usually have one or more of the following causes:

-Loss of blood supply to the reins: One of the reasons for this is clot of blood inside the urinary tract.

Sample of kidney tissue :For pathological particles, scarring,or infectious organisms, tissue sample are tested.

Biopsy:This is a basic operation normally performed when you are awake.

Kidney failure is categorize into 4 stages:

Stage one:

This is a mild stage you may have no symptoms and no visible complication.maintaining a balance and healthy lifestyle also allows balancing and preventing development which involves eating a healthy diet exercising not consuming tobacco products; maintain a healthy weight too and avoid sugary foods.

Stage 2:

This is still considered abnormal but detectable problems such as protein in the urine or physical damage to the kidneys will be clearer.

Speak to your doctor about other risk factors that might help the disease progress faster,this includes heart problems, blood disorders and inflammation.

Stage 3:

This is considered being moderate to severe symptoms which includes anemia, hypertension, and bone disease.

A healthy lifestyle is still important, your doctor will have you on medication to slow down the effect.

Stage 4:

Your kidney is fast approaching to failure if not complete.symptoms include vomiting and nausea, breathing difficulties, itching skin and more.

However, a dialysis is needed at this stage or a kidney transplant, the type of medication you need depends on the cause of the failure of the kidney because the kidney failure treatment are many.

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