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Slow Healing Of Wounds: Causes And Foods To Eat For Proper Healing

The daily routine and activities of man can sometimes be strenuous and physically tasking thereby causing tiredness, physical stress, and injuries. With time, injuries tend to heal but in a case where injuries heal slowly there is great cause for concern.

The concern differs for different people, some issues that can arise from slow healing wounds include;

√ The injury can become a site for harmful bacteria entry into the body

√ Impairment of physical beauty and

√ Reduced functioning of the injured body part.

If you have an open wound you just hope that it heals on time, but when it doesn't heal quickly then there must be a reason, below are some causes of slow healing of wounds or reasons why wounds heal slowly.

√ Aging

√ Infection

√ Diabetes

√ Poor nutrition and vitamin C deficiency

Photo Credit: Times of India

Poor nutrition and vitamin C deficiency are broad aspects of human health and they both affect the healing of wounds, vitamin C is a popular vitamin with great health benefits that are important for wound healing.

According to Healthline, vitamin C deficiency leads to slow collagen formation, leading to slow healing of wounds. Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen, it is said to be valuable in facilitating the healing process of wounds as the collagen which it synthesizes is a helpful antioxidant as regards protecting cells from damage by free radicals.

It is sometimes hard to draw a line between vitamin C accelerating the healing process of wounds and deficiency of vitamin C leading to slow healing of wounds, but one thing you should know is that vitamin C, alongside other good nutrients, will make your wound healing go smoothly in due time rather than slow, I can't say if it will accelerate the process or not.

Photo Credit: HealthifyMe

Generally speaking, poor nutrition impairs many body processes and if you're not consuming the required nutrients for a particular body process then it might not go as it ought to, in this case, I'm speaking of wound healing, it can get slow if nutrition is not optimum.

Slow healing of wounds may pose other health threats to the victim in question, and something needs to be done about it, one thing that can be done is to consume vitamin C, zinc, proteins, and other helpful nutrients adequately, either through supplements or through natural foods, some of the foods you can eat to kick-against slow healing of wounds include;

1. Poultry (chicken and turkey).

Photo Credit: Food Network

These foods are blessed with an abundance of protein and amino acids like glutamine, arginine, and others that may aid the healing process of wounds. Just like vitamin C, arginine assists in the synthesis of collagen which is important for wound healing.

2. Leafy Green Vegetables.

Photo Credit: Brad Abrahams Optometry

These green vegetables are vital sources of vitamin C, which has a stronghold in wound healing, I mentioned earlier that deficiency of vitamin C is a cause of slow healing of wounds this is to say that if you have good amount of vitamin C in your body then your wounds will heal in due time rather than slowly, except there an underlying issue.

3. Sweet potatoes.

Photo Credit: Happy Foods Tube

Minding the fact that sweet potato is a carbohydrate food, I tell you that also aids wound repair and healing because of the energy it gives to cells to carry out the healing function, sweet potato also contains citrate synthase and hexokinase which are enzymes with good wound-healing properties.

On another front, sweet potatoes contain vitamin C and carotenoids which may help increase immune response and help the body recover. Vitamin C is valuable for the healing of wounds, but it is not the only nutrient in that aspect, from the list above there are other nutrients that help in the proper healing of wounds.

Remember, slow healing of wounds is not only due to poor nutrition and vitamin C deficiency, it can be caused by other issues as stated above.

Sourced from Healthline,

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