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Feeling down lately? Here's how to be a positive person

Have you ever heard the phrase, " infectious laughter" ? Do you know that your smile can turn a person' s day from dark to sunny?

Do you know that, staying positive does not only help others around you, but helps you too? Positive thoughts and mindsets produces positive mental health. Well, now you know, and get ready to know more, as we' ll be looking at ways which you can be a positive person anywhere you are, whether at work, in church, in school, or even at home!

First of all, focus on the good things. In trying to be a positive person, accept the fact that challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life. As humans, we are bound to meet unpleasant situations. With that in mind, why should you be disturbed when those things try to ruin your mood? Instead, focus on the good side of life. 

Remember those days when you wished life would never end, those days when you achieved certain things and felt so happy? Why not reflect on those days, count your blessings and tap from the happiness of those moments? Afterall, you are still alive!

2. Practice gratitude. Learn how to be thankful to God for what He has been doing in your life. Don' t wait for Him to perform a miracle before you thank Him. Don' t run to Him only when you have challenges. Be grateful for His mercies, every single day of your life.

3. Open yourself up to humour. Never miss the chance to have a good laugh everyday. Release your tension by reading jokes, or watching comedy videos. Always try to put a smile on your face as well as others.

4. Spend time with positive people. They' ll influence you.

5. Practice positive self talk and affirmation. Never talk down about yourself or other people.

6. Start everyday on a positive note.

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