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Wicked World: I'm Still Shaking After What My Boss Did To Me At Age 18 -Fiction

Hello, my name’s Nkechi. And about a year ago, my boss did something horrible to me against my will. I still can't stop thinking about it.

You see, I grew up poor. Incredibly poor. My father left my mom and 6 kids when I was about 10. He just.vanished. And we struggled so much, we would eat food thrown out into the DustBin. My mom tried really hard, but she couldn’t manage it all alone. So, as soon as I hit 18, I started searching for a job to help take care of the little ones. The only place that would hire me was my local Plaza. But there was one person that took advantage of my horrible financial situation and used it for his own satisfaction. It was so bad, it nearly destroyed me and my family.

His name was Victor, he was my manager. He was the most middle-aged man I’ve ever met. Anytime he’d pass me or any other girl, he’d touch our waist or sniff our hair. One time, I snapped. I told him that if he keeps doing these inappropriate things, I’m gonna go to Report to the police,But he just snorted and threatened to fire me if I keep giving him trouble. And I couldn’t get fired. No way. My work was the only way to keep my siblings fed and alive. So, I kept silent...until he nearly killed me. Literally.

You see, I’m allergic to nearly every form of pollen.I mean, EVERY form. I take allergy medication, but even then if I’m somewhere close to flowers for a little bit too long, I’ll begin to break out and throw up. So, it was the beginning of March, the worst month for my allergies. One day, about three of our garden section cashiers called in sick. They are pretty reliable people so I had no problem finding people to cover for them. As I come to my manager to inform him of the position changes, my manager looks at me and says

"You can handle the garden section on your own, can't you?" I then took my time to explain that I have these allergies and if I stay in that section for more than 15 minutes, my allergies would flare up and I’ll have to leave... “Oh, just shut up” - he interrupted me with a sarcastic tone. “We don’t have any CV on file that state you are not fit to work in the garden section, so unless you come to me with a doctor’s note stating your allergies, I couldn’t care less.”

I knew he was a horrible and disgusting person, but I just couldn’t believe what he was saying! I said, “I want to be sure of what you are asking, you want me to work in a section, which is hazardous to my health instead of placing other employees there?” He got angry with me. He banged the table with his fist and said, “Didnt You Hear Me?” I was so scared, I just complied. I knew this was a bad idea but I saw my young siblings’ faces in my mind and I knew I had to do it...

I made my way to where I was supposed to work and I feel my eyes Stinging that means my allergies are starting happen, I tried to be professional Then an old man came and Asked me about the rashes I tried my best not to cry as I told him that my Boss Doesn't Care About My Health Since I didn't put it on My CV.

He started asking for my managers name but I keep saying No Don't Worry I'll be Fine I don't Want To Get Into Trouble, He Keeps Asking and I didn't know where I told him my managers Name. Then the old man Assured me that Everytime would be ok that I should go home I was shocked and asked why? And it turns out that he's From The Federal Government

And He's there to Ensure that all the workers were Doing Well, I Was Happy I rushed to pack my things as I was doing that Victor comes in and Shouts At Me Saying Where are you going to? Are You Mad? Does This Look Like Your Father's House? I Said No Sir, Mr Uche Said I Can Go Home He Replies Saying I Don't Care Go back to work. I Headed back to my station as I stood there Uche Walked by and Ask Why I haven't Gone Home? I told him that Victor Said I shouldn't He Was Really Angry, He Just Gave Me 5 Thousand Naira And go home.

The Next Day I came and I didn't See Victor I was Shocked I asked What happened and they said MR Uche asked Everyone about victor and fired him because the Complains were to much I was so happy, at least I won't be scared, I worked there for a while to take care of my family and make Their lives better than mine.

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