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Stomach Problems Eating Raw Onions Regularly May Cause

Did you know that consuming raw onions can lead to certain stomach problems? Although onions contain sulfur compounds and other nutrients that are more effective when consumed raw, they still have the potential to cause undesired issues in the body.

This article, based on a publication from Medicine Net, will explore some of the stomach problems that may arise from frequently consuming raw onions. So, let's dive in and learn something new!

What are the stomach problems caused by eating raw onions?

1. Bloating: According to healthline People who consume raw onions often may feel bloated, as if they've ingested something too heavy for their stomach. This is one of the known side effects of consuming raw onions regularly.

2. Stomach pain and nausea: Regular consumption of raw onions may lead to increased abdominal pain and a higher urge to vomit. Unusual abdominal pain a few hours or minutes after eating raw onions may indicate that raw onions should not be consumed frequently. Boiling or cooking onions can usually prevent these side effects.

3. Aggravation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Raw onions, when consumed too frequently, can worsen IBS symptoms in individuals who already have the condition. Therefore, it is advisable to consume raw onions in moderation, unless there is a specific need to do so.

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