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SPECIAL REPORT: For N150,000 Girls as Young 16 Are Selling Their Eggs in Fertility Clinics in Lagos

Fertility Clinics in Nigeria are taking advantage of the naivete of young girls to harvest their eggs for fertility treatments for high profile clients.

The client's pay as high N1millionnor more to get pregnant, albeit through IVF.

The Reporter followed the story Morenike Ajayi, a 16-year-old secondary school student in Lagos. She had come to the reporter to complain that her mother is coercing her to go to a clinic to have her eggs harvested for sale.

According to Morenike, the first time she went with her mother, she was turned down because she appeared underage but her mother pressed and told the clinic she is 18.

She was told to come back. At which point, she contacted the reporter who told her to go with someone other than her mother for investigative purposes.

She said it appears her mother is also a regular donor at the clinic because she was very much at home with the staff at the clinic.

"From what I observed my mum must have come here a couple of times because she knows her way around the facility, she said.

"Most times I wonder where our mom gets so much money from because one minute she is complaining of not having money, the next you would see her with so much money, " Morenike said.

The lady detailed to accompany Morenike to pose as her relative revealed that she met a couple of other women in the clinic who obviously have come for the same purpose.

She observed that most of the women are mostly young, either in their early 20s or middle 20s. From what she saw, they could be undergraduates who are seeking to make money.

She saw scruffy looking young lady still breastfeeding her kid.

She oberserved that some of the women also acted as recruiters for the clinic who have come with friends. Which is what Morenike's mother sought to do with her daughter.

The undercover person asked how much she would get to have her eggs harvested, she was told it goes for between N100,000 to N150,000 and if you refer anyone, you get a cut.

She also observed that about three other young girls at the same age as Morenike came in accompanied by older women. It appears they are either mothers to the girls or acquaintances.

She said there are three stages: Examination, injection and then actual harvesting of the eggs, which one lady who had just had hers harvested, describes as a very painful process.

The undercover used the painful part to start making excuses for Morenike who, at this time has become afraid, even though there were no plans to have her go through the process.

She was assured by the staff in the clinic situated in Oshodi that the pain isn't as much as she thinks.

"The pain is nothing compared to the money you get. It's better than begging and using your body for money, " one lady quipped.

The woman who came in with one of the underage girls said she used the money to pay for her children's school fees as their is deceased.

"I have been here a couple of times. It's painful, yes, but when you think it is the money you make legitimately, you forget the pain, " she said.

Apart from the male staff who work in the clinic, no other male was sighted in the facility. The undercover was later told there is a section for men where they donate their sperm and, like the one they are in, women are not also allowed except the staff.

This reporter had reported how young men are selling their sperm for as much N40,000 to N50,000 depending on the quality of the male sperm.

Fertility treatments is booming in Nigeria despite the country having one of the highest fertility rates in the world.

When the reporter visited the same facility to 'sell' his sperm, a doctor told him that the clients are high profile society women who are either too busy to get a man or those whose husbands couldn't impregnate.

"These women are rich but don't have children, so they do everything to get pregnant to compliment their wealth, " the doctor told the reporter.

She also said most of the women have high net worth husbands who can't seem to make them pregnant so they send their wives to IVF clinics.

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