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Do You Still Drink Cold Water? See 4 Harmful Effects It Has On Your Body

While it is very necessary for us to take in sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis as failure to do this can be very detrimental, the temperature of the water we take in should also be considered.

Many people resort to taking in cold water after some strenuous activities or after a very stressful day to quench our thirst and remove exhaustion. But, drinking cold water tends to do more harm than good, especially when we take it too often.

Here are some harmful effects of taking cold water;

1. Constipation

When you drink cold water, it causes your intestines to contract and this is one of the major causes of constipation. It also causes the food you eat to solidify and harden which makes it difficult to digest.

Studies have also confirmed that water that's at room temperature aids the process of digestion. 

So, when next you feel like drinking cold water, think of the effect it has on your digestive system.

2. Headaches

When you drink cold water, it chills many sensitive nerves in your spine and when these nerve relay the 'messages' to your brain, it causes your head to ache.

3. Decrease in heart rate

Drinking cold water also decreases your heart rate, this is very risky and it can also lead to other heart-related problems

4. Fat storage

Drinking cold water after a meal affects your body's ability to breakdown fats, because the cold water causes the fats to harden and solidify, thereby making it difficult for your body to break them down.

You should also avoid drinking cold water after a strenuous work out, because your body will find it very difficult to absorb it. It may also lead to chronic stomach pain because cold water can also 'shock' your body.

If you can not totally avoid drinking cold water, ensure you minimize your cold water intake.

Go for water at room temperature or warm water which has a lot of amazing benefits that i would write about in a subsequent article.

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