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Know how to identify criminals with their physical peculiarities

Society sets rules for the betterment of all but some people MUST break that rules. Some of these people if you ask them on why they break the laws they have nothing to justify. Others only see themselves committing crimes not because they know why they commit crimes. So why? May be there are biological makeups in their body constitution that make them to be devious. Or/and they inherited criminal tendencies from their parents. This assertion has been proved by scientists.

Many people are just born to be criminals. In their body constitution there is something that makes them to exhibit criminal behavior. Some leading scholars in criminology believe that criminal tendencies are inherited. The leading proponent of this assertion was an Italian medical doctor, Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909). He studied a large number of criminals that were incarcerated in prisons and concluded that criminals constitute a distinct biological type.

Criminals are having biological peculiarities and can be identified by such physical types like excessively long arms, large or small ears, eyes defects and sloppy foreheads. You can also identify deviants with substandard or primitive physical structures like small skulls, big ears, protruding jaws and abnormal teeth.

Therefore, people with these features have different impulses from normal people. And these factors are thought to represent the biological defects of the individual. Based on this, person's body, shape or form influences his character.

Another factor leading to criminality is chromosomal abnormality. This also was established by biologists. There are two types of chromosomes, the Y chromosome which carries male traits, and the X chromosome which carries female traits. A normal ovum contains one X chromosome.

During conception if the ovum is fertilized by a Y, bearing sperm the body gets one X and Y and the baby will be male (XY). But if the ovum is fertilized by an X, bearing sperm the baby will be female (XX). It was discovered that some males have an extra Y chromosome, which instead of having normal XY have XYY chromosome. Such XYY persons are believed to be aggressive, usually tall and have a low intelligence. They are believed to be found more often in prison than other normal persons.

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