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Signs A Person Is Near Death

Loss of appetite

As an individual is rounding up their life, and death draws near. He/she becomes less active. Their body doesn't require much energy as it once did. They desist from eating or drinking because their appetite gradually decreases. Such a person might even stop consuming anything some days before they die.

Sleeping More

A person that is about to die might spend less time awake. Most times this behavior starts 2 or 3 months before the person dies.

It occurs because their body’s metabolism is getting weaker. When there is no metabolic energy, the person would sleep much longer.

Weakening muscles

Days before a person’s death their muscles become weak. They are unable to perform the small tasks which they could do before. Such as drinking from a cup, or turning over in bed may no longer be easy for them to do.

Dropping body temperature

According to Dr. Stephens, " In the days before a person dies, their blood circulation reduces. That blood is focused on their internal organs. Therefore very little blood is still flowing to their hands, feet, or legs." [1]

So reduced circulation causes their skin to feel cold, and look pale (with blue and purple patches).

Becoming less social

The energy levels of a person who is about to die are low. The person tends not to spend as much time socializing with other people as they once did. They prefer to be more alone and not have people see them lose their strength.

Changing vital signs

As an individual nears death, their vital signs could also change in some ways:

heartbeat becomes irregular

breathing changes

blood pressure decreases

urine turns brown, or rust-colored

heartbeat becomes hard to identify

The reason their urine color changes is because their kidneys are about shutting down.


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