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If you have eaten corn this year, here are the side effects of consuming it excessively.

Corn is naturally yellowish in colour, but has different other colours like red and white.

Corn belongs to the grain family. It is gluten-free and this makes it an alternative to wheat, especially for those who will not like to be disturbed by gluten.

Corn has vitamin B and potassium present in it which makes it good for preventing heart disease, muscle cramps, and also helps to regulate your blood pressure. It also contains vitamin A which help boost your immune system.

Kinds of Corn:

• Sweet corn: Sweet corn can be white, yellow and a combination of bithn colours.

Popcorn:Most of us eat popcorn everyday. It's prepared by frying corn.

• Dent corn: It can be white or yellowish in colour, it has a dent in the top of each kernel and can be used to feed animals.

Eating corn is highly beneficial but excessive consumption of it affects your health system. That is why you should consume it moderately, health is wealth and so your health should be your utmost concern. 

Corn can be eaten roasted over the fire or cooked in a pot that contains water.

I will first of all list the benefits of eating corn before stating it's side effects.

Some of the health benefits of eating corn are:

1. It gives a good eye sight: Corn contains antioxidants which helps you to see well.

2. Consuming corn helps get rid of heart diseases: Corn contains fat which help regulate the cholesterol levels in your body, which help prevent cardiovascular disease.  Corn also help in getting rid of heart attack and other heart infections. 

3. It helps to gain weight: Corn contains a high amount of calories which helps you to gain weight.

Side Effects Of Consuming Corn Excessively:

1. Increases Weight: Corn contains high carbohydrate content of which overdose of it can make you to increase in weight. 

2. Corn is not good for people that are suffering from diabetics: Eating corn can lead to an increase in your blood sugar level as it contains high carbohydrate. It is advisable that people who have diabetes should not eat corn excessively. 

3. Causes indigestion and stomach upset: Corn is a cereal and when the consumption of it becomes excessive it can cause stomach upset. So eat it in small quantity to safeguard your health.

4. Causes Tooth Decay: Corn has high sugar content in it, excessive consumption of it can make your tooth to decay. 

5. Leads To Lethargy:

Corn contains starch and if eaten excessively can lead to fatigue.

6.It can cause allergic reactions: Too much consumption of corn can cause allergies. It can lead to symptoms like vomiting. Ingestible protein contained in corn leads to this allergic reactions.

Almost everybody have consumed corn this year, but I have to advise you by writing this article not to eat it excessively because of the health implications. Forget about how sweet eaten corn can be and put your health first as health is wealth.

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