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Factors That Cause Visible Blood In Your Urine.

The medical term for blood in your urine is called hematuria. According to Healthline, there are several possible causes for hematuria, including;

1. Infection: Infection is one of the most popular triggers of hematuria. The infection may be somewhere in your urinary tract, your bladder, or in your kidneys. The infection may move into the bladder and even into the kidneys. It usually causes discomfort and a need to pee frequently. There might be gross or microscopic hematuria.

2. Stones: Another popular reason for blood in the pee is the availability of stones in the bladder or kidney. These are crystals that develop from the minerals in your pee. They can form inside your kidneys or bladder. Large stones can induce a blockage that usually leads to hematuria and significant discomfort.

3. Enlarged prostate: In males who are middle-aged and older, a fairly popular trigger of hematuria is an enlarged prostate. This gland is just under the bladder and close to the urethra. When the prostate grows bigger, as it usually does in males in middle age, it compresses the urethra. This triggers issues with urinating and may avoid the bladder from emptying completely. This can lead to a urinary tract infection (UTI) with blood in the urine.

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